11 Nov 2011


This day won't happen again for a 100 years! Can you believe it!
First and for most though, today is remembrance day. Lest we forget. I hope you all got a poppy.
Shamefully I've spent most of today sleeping but I've been catching up on much needed sleep. However today I did do something special. I've always thought I was registered as a donor but apparently I wasn't. Today I made it official. I'm now a donor. I do actually have the card although its not important, just as long as you're on the register. I've put down for them to have everything. Even eyes. I think the gift of giving someone sight is magical and saving someones life even more so.


  1. The really big one was 11/11/1111, which occurred 900 years. King Stephen was on the throne of England, about to get his arse kicked by his cousin Matilda.

  2. Good for you on being a donor. Here in the US, it's indicated on our ID cards or driver's licenses.