5 Oct 2011


First week back at uni and talk about being thrown in the deep end. Monday wasn't too bad but today was hard. Journalism is definitely Not going to be easy. In some ways I think I can see why they're hard on us; to possibly prepare us for journalism in the real world. I was sort of prepared for it as the third years told us it was a challenge last year but I guess I was expecting to be eased into it like being back in first year. Also as it is something I may like to do in the future I wasn't really going to be put off by what anyone said. She threw an assignment at us and said we had two hours 'Go!'. To which all of us replied 'Huh?!' very perplexed. I still think it was pretty harsh considering we were timetabled to finish at one and some people had to go to work and other classes. Luckily it was sorted that we got an extension to give it in tomorrow at 9am. Fear not for mine is complete and safely in the hand in box :) It didn't actually take too long. Half an hour to read and annotate and about half an hour to write. Though I was in a bit of a rush as I was going to an open day training session. Its probably pretty poor but hopefully I can improve and get feedback from this. You see, even though it was only 200 words, which seems small, it was actually a big challenge to keep it that short. Journalism is about reporting concisely, cutting out the waffle and getting straight to the point. We had to raise and critique about five different things in this piece and you my fellow followers and readers know jus' how much I like to waffle. So I'm going to get to the point.

I picked up last semesters work and came across my favourite assignment. It was a non-fiction creative piece of writing based on George Orwell's essay 'Why I Write'. I actually wanted to publish it on blog at first but then wasn't sure if it was allowed and thought it would be boring. I do however want to share the last part with you. Pleas read this if you didn't read any of this post:

So from this I would like to say 
Thank You :)
To all of you
Thank you for reading my mundane thoughts.
 For following me.
& If you're jus' stopping by,
Thank you for reading this post.
I hope you would be inclined to

Oh and if you plagiarise and take any of my words not only will you fail and get kicked out of uni but I will  give you a kick up the arse. And it isn't really worth it 'cos I only got a B anyway.

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