2 Oct 2011

Westfield buys

God knows why I buy more clothes. My wardrobe is bowing with the weight of them all but I never seem to have enough. My new favourite shop is Forever 21. Westfields Stratford City is the only place, that I know of, that has a Forever 21 in England. It's so awesome. It has Everything! In about 8 different colours for every kind of style for about half the price of every other high street shop and its brill quality!

These are my buys

that one on the right is my Buffy necklace :)

I almost forgot to mention that they have a uni qlo! I also love love love this shop and now I don't have too far to go to get to one.

I also bought some black skinnies from here but I've kinda lived in them and now they're in the wash.


  1. there's a forever 21 in oxford st too! near bond st station