2 Oct 2011

Moved back to Brighton

It's that time already! Summer flew past even if I did have 4 months off & I'm now back in Brighton. However this time it's a little different.

I'm in second year now so I can dust off that Fresher title and knuckle down for some serious work this year. This year counts 25% towards my degree. A big chunk of that is my placement this coming January. For the last two weeks of Jan and the first two of Feb I will be working somewhere in the media industry, hopefully in London so I'll be living at home, providing I find a place that will have me by the 2nd December. If you have any contacts to lend me I will be eternally grateful.

I've also moved out of halls and I'm living in a house! I know, grown up much? You'd think it would feel strange and new like halls but I already feel at home and at ease here. I'm sure thats down to my awesome housemates.

I actually live a road away from where my grandparents used to live so I know a bit about the area. Like there's a big field behind my house, cool huh? I can go for walks and things. It feels a bit like living in the country. There's some good views of Brighton up here too. I say up here 'cos I live on a gigantic hill. Good for ye ol' legs.

This is the view a two minutes down the hill on my way to uni. The big white building in the distance is my uni.


&& this is the sunset this evening from my window

thenn the sky got redder

Lectures start tomorrow. I'm nervous and excited. It's cool to be back but also I think its going to be hard getting back into studying. Wish me luck!


  1. i like that Brighton... :)
    looks so quiet!

  2. Good luck
    Oh wait,
    I miss you. Come back!