2 Oct 2011


Although I've moved back to Brights I did have to pop home for work during the week. Whilst I was home  Yasmin tweeted about this free screening of Grease and I asked whether I could tag. So Yasmin, Raji and I went to see Grease in the open warm September air, next to the river Thames by Tower Bridge.

photo courtesy of Raji

We've been to a free screening before by the company RichMix but this, run by The Scoop, was much better. The screen was big, like cinema big.

photo courtesy of Raji

The seating area was also big and had rows of steps down, sort of like a cinema. Only downside was it was concrete and even with a folded up blanket as a cushion, after a couple of hours your bum gets num.

We got there about an hour and a half before it started and good thing we did as it was already pretty busy. Luckily we got some good seats and got some pop corn and crisps from some rude men at the tuck shop. Once it started everyone got really excited as they brought up the song lyrics. We didn't know it was going to be a singalong one and we were pleasantly surprised.

 It was really awesome. I hadn't seen Grease in a good few years and it was really enjoyable to watch, I got to sing a long, got more of the adult jokes than I did before and understood a bit more of what they were saying with the subtitles on 'cos sometimes I don't quite get what they're saying 'cos of their accents.

At the end everyone got up and danced and we all left with a feel good feeling, humming Grease tunes on the way to the tube.

photo courtesy of Raji

These screenings run from June to September and I'll definitely be going to a few more next year. Also after going to sing a long Grease I very much want to go to Singalong Halloween Rocky Horror :)


  1. eeeeeee this was so fun!! When it comes back in the summer we have to go to all of them!! xx

  2. I should start doing that (Whooo) to aknowledge that i do actually read every post though i dont always comment.
    Also i LOVE singalongs

  3. yes, i already seen the movie.. cool!
    it's fun...

  4. This was so much funnnn
    we have to go again