28 Oct 2011

Friday I'm in Love

I've had a tendancy recently to blog on a friday so thought I'd keep up with the trend. I left you in the dark last week but I can finally reveal some of the things that have been happening.

The biggest thing to happen to me is probably my placement. Yes that's right, the thing thats been bugging me for a few months now is finally sorted! Between January 16th and February 10th I will be living at home and working at two television production companies. I managed to bag a split placement which I stumbled upon unintentionally but actually really wanted. Althoug I may be able to learn more in a month, two weeks at each place gives me a chance to see two very different types of production. I'm pretty excited about it and very lucky to be able to do it.

Another thing is that I will be applying for Camp America next summer. I've started but the application is pretty long and I need to set aside a few hours in order to complete it. I wasn't sure whether I wanted to do it next summer 'cos of possible commitments next year such as a wedding, work, olympics. The thing I really needed to do to work out what I was doing was talk to my mum. As sad as that is I really did need the good listening ear and advice of my mother. Unfortunetly we had some family problems so I was unable to speak to my mum and it was really bugging me. Its at times like that you realise how much you rely on your mother, even at the ripe old age of 20. As soon as I spoke to my mum I realised that applying was the right thing to do and that I wouldn't want to miss this oppertunity. So lets hope I'm good enough to get it.

Finally, the real reason behind the title of this post is my love life. I'm not one to blog about this side of my life but thought I'd go 'Lindsey Kelk' on you and tell you about the boys in my life. I managed to get a guys number a couple of weeks ago. I know right, me?! My friend challenged me Barney Stincen style and I accepted and completed the challenge to get a bar mans number. Unfortunetly it doesn't look like its going anywhere but it was a laugh and a bit of fun any way. An old flame is also re-presenting itself. I did intend to find myself a man this year and entitled my quest 'Man Mission'. However it seems my mission is more trouble than its worth and I'm actually rethinkng the idea. I guess we'll have to see. A blog of someone who is of similar age and also in London but has a much more interesting and well written account of dating is http://www.the-d-game.blogspot.com. Check it out :)

I'm also in love with this shop in Westfields called Pulp and Forever 21. It pains me to go in there 'cos I want to buy everything but can't :(


  1. Also loving forever 21, waiting for Sheff to get one, i'll look into pulp.
    Yeah Camp America is best now before the summer after you finish incase of jobs and shizz.
    Agreed, our man mission seems like more trouble than its worth kmt.

  2. Also congrats on the placement

  3. interesting about the Pulp and Forever 21... and the date also!

  4. Wow. Thanks for mentioning my blog. And while there may be constant drama in my life, I think you went about the right way getting the barmans number. Fun is exactly what it should be (although I'd steer away from the barmen judging from my own experiences!). Us girls have got to kiss quite a few frogs to find prince charming, so have fun, and don't take anything to heart...(too much)