14 Oct 2011

Brighton Comedy Festival

Brighton is a very cultural place and there's quite a lot going on. For instance they have two comedy festivals a year. The Fringe festival in the summer and the Brighton Comedy Festival in October. This year it's running from the 7th-22nd of October. I was determined to go this year. Its seems silly to not go to something like this, its a great opportunity to see loads of comedians. Last year I didn't get to go, 'cos being a fresher n'all, I was still adjusting to life in Brighton. So looking at the list I obviously jumped at the chance to see some of the big comedians but sadly they sold out pretty quickly. There were a couple of lesser known, just as funny, comedians that stood out to me though. For instance the Canadian Tom Stade. I've seen him a couple of times on TV and thought he was really funny so thought it would be good to see him.

So with not much convincing after seeing his Youtube videos, I managed to drag my friend Skye along for the show. Bit of a late start but it was worth the wait and he actually walked past us on his way in. We sat dead centre in row two, pretty awesome seats, and we were off. He was hilarious. Unfortunately I had already seen the material he did at the beginning and end of the set but it was funnier seeing it live. He was very very funny. Very good set. He's pretty offensive funny and I'm not too sure everyone loved it as much as we did. Skye and I were in hysterics; knowing we shouldn't be laughing but not being able to help it. The lady in front of us had a very funny and loud laugh and probably made up for the fairly quiet audience.

After enjoying the show I decided we should wait around for a bit incase Tom made an an appearance. My theory was he came in the same way we did so why wouldn't he leave when we did. We waited for a couple of minutes and just as we were about to give up, he came out! I got very excited. I half walked/ran over to him. Lucky for us not many stayed waiting around for him and only had to wait whilst one girl had her picture taken. I was determined to play it much cooler than the last time I met a famous person (when I lost the ability to speak in front of Matt Davies, the lead singer of Funeral For A Friend.) I tapped him and said "Hey Tom can I have a picture please" to which he said sure. I then said "We really enjoyed the show...You're really cool" to which he laughed and replied "Ha I'm really cool huh?" and started telling more jokes and making me laugh. It was then Skye's turn to get a picture and afterwards he said "Let's go outside and have a cigarette". Of course we followed him.

Mid laughter, I'm not pulling a face on purpose

He spoke to a few people he singled out in the audience for a bit, talking about his family and the jokes in the show and we laughed along again. It was here where I noticed how much my hands were shaking. I'm terrible with famous people. Then they left and it was us and Tom! He's so cool! I spoke to him a bit about Canada and he said Vancouver is full of weed smokers lol. Then he got worried he'd said something wrong and asked how old we were and was relieved when I said twenty and that we're students "Oh well you've done it all you know what I'm talking about. There's many times where I've spaced out and forgotten my homework". He then asked for directions to the station and I told him and then he said "Are you walking this way?" I should have replied quicker but didn't know what to say 'cos we were actually going the other way and all of a sudden a pretty blonde took his attention by the pub. It was here where I thought well we've had a good run but I guess he's probably jus' going to the station. However we did wait for him across the street whilst he talked to this girl and her boyfriend. When he was done he did look our way and then carried on up the hill towards the station. Bumbling along on his own in a drunken/stoned state. I'm totally bummed about not walking with him. I blame the blonde, making it awkward. I also blame Skye for not letting me catch up and stalk walk with him . Next time I meet someone famous I'm never leaving their side :)

I'm proud of myself that I was the one that actually approached him && made conversation where I sounded like a human being! He's soooo cool though :D I'm totally wired from the experience which is why I'm blogging this late/early?

Hopefully I can go to a few more shows next week. Definitely making a pact to wait around after gigs from now on.

The better picture. Again he's making me laugh whilst he pulls a funny face :)

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  1. sounds like mad fun. i really need to get down to the comedy clubs more, comedians are great.