9 Sep 2011

Meine Geburtstag

So I'm 20 now. Very scary. It still doesn't feel right and I don't like being this age. Nevertheless my birthday is my birthday and I absolutely love it. My followers that have been with me a while will probably remember how much I love it but my new ones don't so I shall explain. My favourite day of the year is my birthday. Literally my ultimate favourite. It feels different on the day, like exempt from any other day; special. I often wonder what the 1st September is like for other people as after all it is an awesome day in inself. Like its the first of the month, people remember that. Also my birthday usually lasted about 2 weeks with my celebrations. So anyway I don't know whether its me, or my parents fault or whatever but my birthday causes a big fuss and I love it. So here's how it went down:

I started off the day with cards and pressies. I got more than I thought I would being 20 and all. As you get older presents get less exciting. However I did have my early pres from my rents of a ps3 and got some games and DVDs as well on the day. I also got some cupcake themed things from aunt and a spa break! Yays.

After this my parents and I picked up Raji, opened her awesome present to me of jewellery and an astrology book (I'm getting really into it) and went out for breakfast at Frankie and Benny's. I had some yummy pancakes. Then it was off to central LDN for a cruise along the Thames. Living in London you take the sights for granted and never really go to see them and explore so on my birthday we became tourists in our own city. It was also a beautiful day, of course its my birthday, for sightseeing. Raji did ask me also "Are you one of those people where you always have good weather on your birthday?" Why yes, yes I am :)

funny how it looked better with a grey sky on our way back

Our guide on the boat going towards tower bridge was hilarious. He was really funny but only the English were laughing. His humour was not for tourists. Then we had these other guys and they weren't funny and a bit boring. I did learn a lot though.

Afterwards we went to covent garden. Played around with the iPad 2 in the Apple Store, of course, and checked my birthday messages on facebook. Then is was off to TGI's for some din dins. Raji and I sorta enjoyed a cocktail but it wasn't the nicest. 

I look hideous here but Raji looks lovely

After stuffing our faces and a long tiring day it was time to go home. After dropping Raji off I was very ready for bed. However I was seeing my birthday out no matter what so stayed up playing on photo booth trying to work out how a 20 year old would pose. Turns out like this: 

It was a really lovely day and thank you to everyone for the birthday messages and pressies.

My spa present was a trip to a spa in Guildford, Surrey for two nights. My aunt, cousin, mum and I went on monday afternoon to wednesday morning with a trip to Lakeside on the way home. Also walked around Guildford on the tuesday. Guildford's quite a nice place, very old English and quaint.

Not for me though, I couldn't really live in the countryside. Like at night there were no street lights. It was So dark. In the room when I went to bed I couldn't see my hand in front of my face and bumped into Everything when I went to the toilet so took my phone to guide me the next time. Also couldn't sleep the first night 'cos of their stupid plumbing system making nosies every 3 minutes. Got through a lot of my book though and took a picture 'cos I'm like that. 

This is also my cake which my friend Hannah made for me.

How awesome! It tasted lovveeellyy too :)


  1. Happy 20th Birthday! Nice cake too. :) Love your pictures! Wish I could go to London.



  2. omg that glee cake is amazing!! Glad you had fun :) xx