27 Sep 2011


What else has happened? Ah that's right, I went on holiday :)
Nothing special but the rents and I took a trip to Mallorca, on the Spanish island of Majorca. It was just a nice place to go to catch some rays, soak up some vitamin D, swim and relax.

It was generally quite a good break. Despite some earth shattering news that my inner emo teenager couldn't handle (never ask about your parents past) and the awkwardness of being away with my parents whilst everyone else were couples, I did have a nice time.

Got a nice brown colour, even if my parents tan is browner and better, swam a lot and took some pictures of some pretty good sunsets from our awesome view.

The hotel from the little train that took us to the beach

My tan line from my all inclusive band

The pool which no one swam in. Everyone jus' sunbathed and my dad and I seemed to be the only ones taking advantage of the mahussive pool.


Professional pic of beach

It's a lil cove. This is it from the sea.

Look at what I found :) ...

Saw this on tumblr a lil while ago and thought it was so cool and then got really excited when I found it in one of the shops.


& this is me on the last night

I've actually done my first ever review on trip advisor for this holiday! Click here to see it :)


    & your dress is really pretty!!

  2. Majorca? I only know about their football club... but certainly a nice beach... Awesome!