13 Sep 2011


Is what I call Westfield's Stratford City...well not really but it is cooler :) I also think they've added the City to Stratford to make it cooler.

I've been waiting for ages for them to build it. We're talking years. Every time I go into central London I go via Stratford and would always see them building it (this also goes for Olympic Park). Westfield's is perfect for us our shopping facilities are limited. Well not limited but this is what we have:

Romford and Ilford
Both of these have fairly small shopping malls and they split the shops between the two. For instance Ilford has a Republic, Romford doesn't. Romford has H&M, Ilford doesn't. Also easy access and very close.

This is the biggest shopping mall closest to us. If you have a car that is. Public transport here is really difficult. For us to get the train we have to commute to a station out of he way from us then get the train. Orrr get the train from where we live and change about 5 times. Bus is like an hour plus.

Oxford Street
About 35-40 minutes on the tube. Has most shops, best Topshop around. Gets busy though and its outside.

Where as Westfields...
Is 14 minutes on the train direct. Could get the bus if ness, which is direct but takes about 50 minutes. Car about 20 minutes. It has every single shop imaginable. Its indoors. Much bigger than Westfields at Shepherds Bush and has loads more shops. Lots of nice restaurants and food that is more of the fast food type so cheaper and quicker. The people also are the biggest attraction for me. The people who go are people like me. Your average Joe & Jane. The other Westfields is for the West London, Middle Class people that have moniesss. This is full of peeps from the East Siddddee :)

Myself and Raji traipsed round there today for 7 hours! Can you believe it. The time went SO quick. It was really really packed. Most of it we jus' spent wondering and barely going into any shops. The shops we mainly spent time in were Uni Qlo, 'cos I love that place and now I don't have to go to the West End to go there, and also the Apple Shop to sort out my mouse. I lovvvee the Apple Shop. Its nice and big and I can go there for my one to ones when I'm in London as everywhere was really far.

Had some food at this nice restaurant called The Real Greek. Nice reasonable Greek food. Then my desert was a cinnamon pretzel from Mr Pretzel mmmm. The only disappointment from the day was that we didn't get any free stuff apart from a map :( Thought they'd be handing out loadsa stuff but all got was a glass of 'Champagne' aka Cava in Pandora.

Definately impressed though. Westfields is my new local mall. Yaysss.


  1. can't believe we missed you! But yeah I totally agree with everything here, it's so good to finally have somewhere close and decent to shop xx