21 Aug 2011

Writing compeition

When a writing competition asks you to write a 400 word article on the subject 'I wish' what are you supposed to write. I really don't know whether the tone is to be personal or ambitious or general eurgh I don't know. I know its not like I would actually win so I dunno why I'm getting so stressed about it. I should be focusing on bloody cover letters for placements I'm never going to get :( Got no where with placements its getting pretty worrying. Anyone with any media clad friends pleassse send them my way, its so hard to get into the industry, especially when places don't bother to reply.

So yeah..

Any ideas what The Guardian want from me on this 'I Wish' topic?


  1. If they wanted something specific they wouldn't have been so vague. But be careful, you wouldn't want to get it wrong and embarrass yourself in front of Some Guy/Girl From The Guardian Whose Face You'll Never See.