31 Aug 2011

Last Day as a Teenager

Scary stuff. I really wanted to do something to commemorate the day but nothing happened. I asked my twitter followers and Facebook friends to comment but nothing totally reckless or typically teenagey came up. So I spent the day like any other day:

- Sleep in till noon
- Have last nights dinner for brunch
- Watch hours and hours of Buffy
- Play a bit of dance mat
- Have a random dinner (fish fingers, mediterranean rice and peas)
- Do my nails and spill the varnish over myself and the sofa
- Complain about being bored and wanting something sweet to eat
- Make Flapjacks

I will, however, continue to do all these things as a 20 year old. I guarantee it.

1 comment:

  1. Seems like a good day of just being you really. My birthdays use to suck until I started doing family BBQ's. Plus Buffy rocks!