17 Aug 2011

21st Century Life

So I was travelling to work yesterday and as I was on the tube between Stratford & Mile End the lights went out. Its was pitch black. The only light was coming from the carriage next to us which was pretty far away. You couldn't see your hand in front of your face. The tube is, after all, underground.

This could be frightening for some. In America I can imagine people screaming "Oh my Gawd!" possibly screaming. But no we British just sat there patiently waiting for the lights to come back. Quite funny how the majority of people in my little bit were reading and well, didn't really know where to go from there. I immediately thought I could be mugged (well it is London) and put my book in my bag, zipped it up tightly and clutched it against me tightly. We all pulled together though, well me and two other guys, to try and get some light going in our little area. Me with waving my iPod around (& the wallpaper of me and Matt Davies :D) but the other guy opposite upstaged me with his camera phone flash. What was also very English was as we were waving the lights around for other people's benefit, the light would go on them and they looked totally unphased by the sudden darkness and could tell they were thinking "Why are you shining your iPod at me?" or could of been thinking "What's that gonna do it's not very bright" and it really wasn't. The other guy with the bright phone started to try and read the paper, which made me laugh.

It just made me realise how 21st Century we have become. Lights go out? Oh no problem we all have glowing devices to give us some light. I also immediately wanted to tweet about it but of course couldn't as we were underground. The lights came back on at Mile End but went out again for about 5 seconds at the next stop but then it was business as usual, all lights blaring. Quite exciting times.


  1. Aww that's so cute!
    It's funny how little things through the day give us little hints to how weird us creatures really are

  2. looool i love the american reaction.

  3. I love this little story! It is so true though! Don't know what we'd do as a civilisation without things such as mobile devices and twitter etc. It's funny how your first thought was to tell the world (on twitter) what was happening.

    Thanks for your comment on my blogpost :)


  4. LOOL! AH this made me laugh!! more than it probally should have but..there you go..funny times you have indeed sarah :P xx

  5. lol.. good one, Sarah.. the same happens here in India too, except that the glow of the little devices always seem to follow a small outburst of profanities towards the power companies!! :P