1 Aug 2011

1 month till my Birthday

Its coming round so quick! Usually I count down from January the first declaring its 9 months till my birthday and declare it the first of every month. Until August when I tend do it in weeks. However this year I've been pretty quiet and not said anything, slightly scared at the prospect of turning the big Two Zero. I initially called in Tweenteen as many of my other friends who have already turned 20 have called it. 20 means adulthood, responsibility, maturity, intelligence (according to Nintendo DS brain training), a new decade, 5 years away from a quarter century. However recently I started seeing it slightly differently. I may be 19 in my body but in my head I'm about 13. I'm sure that most other adults probably still feel much younger inside.

I then started to see turning 20 as a good thing. Although I'm not going to be a teenager anymore, thats not such a bad thing. Although there are some good things about being a teenager, the majority of the time adolescence sucks! For one you have puberty, Which is a bitch. Spots, mood swings, awkwardness, emotional, arguments, rebellion, braces, obsessions, hair dye, lots of firsts, lots of lasts, lots of sleep, lots of fucking heart ache and weird eating habits.

To be fair I'm sure not too much is going to change as a twenty year old (like the fact I still look the same as I did at 14) heck probably not till I've finished university but I'll be happy to say goodbye to a few things.

Punky Phase (Although I secretly wish I was still a punk)

Purple Hair Phase

Brace Face

First Sheisha Experience

First Prom

First Holiday without Parents (crazy midnight beach times)

First time on Crutches

Apple Phase



& Basically being an idiot

(Look its a folder!)

yeah pretty much covered that


  1. ahaaa omg i love these photos - the first obsessions one like pretty stalkerish haa

  2. LOL great post! So true everything you put there haha..love the pics too 'look its a folder !!!' hahahah XD ..you are the first of us who will turn 20 my lovly :O, rather crazy but like u say doesnt reli make you feel any diff..were all still as they say 'young at heart' WELL were still young -- young anyway :P xxx

  3. It's so exciting to see you grow and change and develop into this beautiful confident young woman we see before us, I love all the little phases you had! SO cute, and so many stories that go along with it
    I'm excited for all your birthdays to come ;)

  4. Love this! glad that the sumo suits came in your idiot phase