5 Jul 2011

Sorry I've not posted

&& after receiving a comment bout my maple syrup diet and whether or not it put me in the hospital so I didn't post has made me get off my arse and post.

I'm not in the hospital!
I lasted 2 days. I didn't actually get hungry but got bored. Mainly because I wasn't losing any weight.

So now I'm on the Dukan Diet. It's pretty awesome. Kinda like Atkins but less dangerous and better for you. I don't eat carbs anymore. A week and a half in and I do miss them but there are quite a few recipes you can make with the limited ingredients.

I have a very sweet tooth so I've been following the recipes online for dukan friendly oat bran cookies and muffins but they weren't very nice. However I made my own today and they were much better! Although I did put lil fudge chunks in the cookies which are not allowed but it didn't make much difference so promise won't do it again.

Originally made cookies. They were so good that I started all over again and made muffin versions.

(anyone not doing this diet would most probably find these disgusting)

Reason I've not been posting is because I haven't really had anything to post about. I've lost my social life with work exp, work i do outside of work exp, being tired(no carbs remember lame excuse) and being on restrictive diet restricting me from socialising. Well not entirely but most socialising requires drink and food both of which I can't have. I'm having to bring my lil crappy muffins to work with me which is a treat.

I even had salad today :O I am not a salad person. Tbh it was jus' lettuce leaves with some ham and feta cheese but still thats something I would never eat.

Ok so I've bored you for long enough. I'll post again when something interesting comes along. For example I am going to the House of Lords next week!! Exciting times!!


  1. You just reminded me of TOWIE, no carbs before marbs!

    Can I join you? This sounds safe
    And cookies and muffins that look as delicious as that on a diet?!
    Seriously, I want in