12 Jul 2011

My Day

I had the whole day to myself today, I love days like that, and this is what happened:

Breakfast + bit of telly (wanted to watch Heroes but on demand service was playing up)
Attempted exercise
Out the door

I went to Romford to buy something for the House of Lords tomorrow. Fucked off the bus driver, I'm sure I brightened his day and now feeling slightly embarrassed but not as much as I would of (yay me) and sat solemnly playing the bubble game on my iPod.

Got off bus. Heading for Primark to return something. Saw Dorothy Perkins had a sale so thought I may as well give it a try it. SO glad I did. Walked in there and found exactly what I was looking for. I had my outfit. && It was on sale && I used my discount so it was a whopping £15! I expressed my glee with the sales assistant to which she replied "I love it when that happens, you can go home now" Which I replied with a big grin on my face "Yeah!" as also kids were coming out of school. However had to still go primark in which I managed to find a top for an exchange. Also thought I'd pop into Asda to see if they had any of this liquid sweetener thats in all the Dukan recipes that I can't find anywhere. Couldn't find it but found out that Milka have cookies and biscuits!! && they were £1! So I had to buy them but don't worry I didn't eat them! Jus' saving them for a special occasion. Did I mention that I got one of the few remaining boxes?! Coming out of Asda I saw that the bag I liked last week was still there on the bag stool. So I snagged that as my black bag broke last week. I did like the brown and green so ya never know might go back. Spotting Superdrug on my way out thought I'd finally buy the Barry M nail varnish I've been lusting over. Seeing if I could push my luck I went off to H&M and saw this plain dress but the colour was really cool!! Didn't like the sowing so thought I'd get a belt to cover it a I don't have a black one. After much rummaging found one and these cool studded braces. I added all three of these to my purchases. All of this completed in about an hour and a half if that!

Too good to be true.

Since coming back I've manage to get Virgin on Demand working b restarting the box and watched 3 episodes of Heroes.
Then a go on the PS3 with MJ singstar and Green Day rockband. && guess what...I was getting 100% on all the green day songs :O

I've had an awesome day today :)


  1. I love that you had such a good day!
    You deserve ittttt

  2. very goood