7 Jul 2011

I passed my first year of uni

Woop. I should be majorly ecstatic but I'm not. To be honest I expected to 'cos if I didn't then I shouldn't of gone in the first place as it wasn't difficult and I would never of gone back. So next year I am paying for a house and I AM going to be living in it woop! Oh and I got all Bs, this I am pleased about :) even though it doesn't go towards next year or my degree.

Oh and I've also got a very very very early birthday present of a PS3 :O
I know I'm behind the times but still, I don't care, I've got a PS3!!

I've spent most of the day singing along to Michael Jackson on sing star and strumming on guitar hero.
It's so much fun :D


  1. omg soo proud duude!!! welldone

    yay mj celebration singing!

  2. Sorry for such a late WELL DONEEEE :D :D thats brilliant news on your grades :) and getting thru the first year uf uni (wow a yr already! :O)..(even though it doesnt go towards your end grade (weird and rather anoying im quessing!)

    and your getting a house and all next year AWSOME, need to hear more about this and pics ovb hehe! :)..aw conglats sarah v proud!!

    Much love xxx

  3. Congratulations beautiful
    We're celebratinggg