15 Jul 2011

House O' Lords

Who went to the House of Lords yday? Oh right, thats me :D

It's pretty damn cool I jus' keep saying it. I told jus' about everyone. It was really awesome to get the opportunity 'cos not any old person can go there. I probably won't ever get there again.

Roadworks team minus Julien taking the pic

The reason I went is because....

As you know I'm doing work experience at Roadworks Media. My 'employers'? I guess you could call them that, it's their company they found it and run it, were getting a Youth Achievement award. This was to be presented at the House of Lords. So all the Roadworks Media people and some other of the guys friends came along to witness the presentation. So off we went from the office to the House of Lords. Those of you who don't know what the House of Lords is, its...

The House of Lords is the second chamber of the UK Parliament. It is independent from, and complements the work of, the House of Commons. Members of the Lords play a vital role making laws and keeping a check on government. (http://www.parliament.uk/business/lords/)

You all enter the Houses of Parliament the same way and then, I think they're joined so you jus' go whatever way for the House of Commons and House of Lords. All I know is at the end of this big hall we turned Left.

The building is beautiful
the architecture is amazing

(Turning Left)

Couldn't really take any more pictures from here on. I did take some sneaky ones but I don't wanna get my blog shut down by showing them. I'll jus' have to describe it for you. It was beautiful. The art, the sculptures literally took my breath away. I was walking down the corridors and jus' thinking about all the politicians over the past hundred or so years walking down the same corridor as me. 

Also walked through the round room they always broadcast from on tv which was cool. Also actually a lot smaller than it looks like on tv.

(Net Pic)

We managed to find the room it was being held in. 4a if you end up in there one day. We could photograph in here (Y)

There were quite a few others getting awards. Two guys from Redbridge did and I got excited lol && my MP was there too. Lord King was the guy that presented the awards. 

Here is Quince and Julien getting there award with the Lord and Quince's Dad & Sister.

&& this is me in that big hall at he beginning 

My visitors pass which I've decided to keep and stick in my scrap book (which I will make a post about next) 

So that was my time yday :D


  1. Omg, it sounds and looks like so much fun!
    You look absolutely gorgeous, I love that dress

  2. Ooooh didnt know you scrapped booked as well, we should compare at some point

  3. And whooo house of lords, i wanna go at some point my sisters been. We are just so sophisticated you there and me visiting windsor castle loool

  4. Wow! Sarah thats increible, must of been amazing to have had that experieince :O ..and you look just ever so lovly!! and really part of the 'gang' there XD haha..aww your getting on soo well, v proud ! TC xxx