9 Jun 2011


It's been a wacky couple of days since finishing uni. I don't think I can totally go into it all on blog. However I will tell you the story of the meeting with my placement officer yesterday morning.

I have to do a month work experience placement in my second year in January for a month and they've asked us to start looking now. We had a few workshops for this in April and May but didn't really want to start anything until I'd finished all my coursework and done my exam.

So off I trotted back to uni less than 24 hours after I'd finished for my meeting with Boo. That's her name.

So I go in and awkwardly get my CV off my email account (which I'd only just updated half an hour before) and awaited the slating.

This didn't happen. Of course there were quite a few changes that needed to be made to my CV. For one make it media tailored. Two more professional as I've had the same sort of layout since school but it has worked as I've got two jobs so clearly wasn't so bad.

She actually praised the fact that I have a blog and that I "produce short films in my spare time". It's not like that isn't true, it's just that I haven't done this in a long time and need to crack a few out. Summer time for definite. I need a crew too so leave comments or DM me on twitter to help me out. Cheeerss.

Then we cracked on to the second page with my employment and volunteer section along side my achievements. And all I got from her was praise. I couldn't get over it. All through the work shops she was telling us just how much stuff we needed on our CVs and I really didn't think I had near enough stuff. But apparently I do. I still can't believe she thought this. She kept going on about how amazing my CV is and everything I've done. She said is my employment and volunteering affecting my grades, which I replied no so far I've got straight Bs. She again thought this was fantastic. She must of been having a great day or something because although Bs are really good I want to be getting an A here and there. However seeing as this year counts for nothing all Bs is fine.

I know I keep going on about it but I genuinely can't believe she thought that much of me. There are so many other candidates out there in the world with work experience within the media already, great portfolios and loads of contacts. I know how harsh it is. Although she was lovely I'm not going to let it affect me as when I get in to the real world with a BA (Hons) in Media Studies I'm going to be rather stuffed.

Anyhoo I'm side tracking. Very sorry.

So she said I could actually hit the big time and apply for some big places. Even the BBC, ITV, Ch4 && Sky!! She said that with my job at Arsenal and interest in sport I could put all my focus there. My fave lecturer, who's sadly leaving, said that Sports journalism is a good place to aim for, it'll never go out of business, you'll always have a job. This I think would be good but I genuinely don't mind where I end up. I actually like quite a lot of media and at this moment in time I am open minded. I do however have a keen interest in TV production and journalism second so that's probably the order I'll apply for my placement types.

She was really really helpful giving me all these exciting places. She then asked me about my blog and I said it's quite general but I could make it more media like. However I've tried this before and it just didn't take off. Then she said make another! A specific one like a sport one. This sounds like a pretty good plan.

And after all this as I was packing up my things to go, she turned to me and asked me a question that blew me away. "Would it be okay if we followed you through our website through your degree? We can track what your up to 'cos your doing so much, you are our shining star and with the fees going up we really need to entice people in and it would be great if we could show what you can achieve with being at university and also follow you when you graduate to see what you get up to?"


Wtf? Follow me? Follow my life not my blog. So of course I said yes but I was very taken aback. So I've got to write 200 words in a couple of weeks and they need a photo but its ok I can pick out a semi decent one. Then I suppose a couple of times of year give them an update on what I'm doing? :/

This just put the biggest smile on my face. I was giddy with happiness. I was doing something right with my life after all. Just keep doing what I'm doing.

This is where I'd like to ask you guys a massive favour.

I love every one of my followers. Yes you and you and you :)
If I did make another blog, or two, would you please please please Please with a cherry on top :)
You wouldn't have to read it or comment on it at all. I would just like a few numbers on there so that people will employ me and see that I'm actually doing something as I have to link all my stuff in my CV and I'm not sure Jus' 'Cos is the right kind of material.

&& also another small favour...subscribe to me on youtube? I may make another more formal channel but for now?

I really do love you guys and I do try to get onto all of your blogs when I can but there are a lot of you. For which I am eternally grateful btw :)

That's my little update for now. Sorry I know I still need to do Paris but I want to take pics of my souvenirs and they're all at home.

Till next time.
Thanks for listening.
And following.

Oh and yday I managed to do liquid eyeliner for the first time ever! Yays!


  1. You are the true master of liquid eyeliner
    AND media shit!
    I'm so very proud of you, but to be honest it's nothing I haven't told you before :P

    Count me as a follower of everything you do
    And I mean that as stalkerish as it came out

  2. I never use eyeliner :(
    haven't got any idea how to use it

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