21 Jun 2011


My blogging is slacking and this post is way over due. Sorry if it's not as detailed as it should be.

So on the 1st June, on the first train out of St Pancras, I traveled on the eurostar to Paris.

I went with my mum and her friends. Was kinda fun going with them, different for defo. We had a champagne and croissant breakfast. Everyone on the train was laughing at us and wishing they'd brought their own. 

Once we arrived I was throwing out French phrases about the weather and where we were going which was pointless and was annoying everyone else but I was just absolutely thrilled to be there as you know I've mentioned before I love Paris. 

First port of call was the hotel which we had to get to through the metro. Never been on the metro before but it's pretty cool. It's quite like the Tube so it's simple to navigate. 

At the hotel had some more champagne and some crispies to refuel and we were off again seeing as we only had about 30 hours in Paris. 

Off to the Arc de Triomphe which I didn't get up the first time. It looked awesome as before but even better in the summer sun. The group weren't too interested in walking up so most went browsing down the Champs-Élysées whilst my mum, cousin and I hauled our asses up many steps. 

Something was happening that day in France as there were veterans in the underground pathway to the Arc. 

As we got to the front I saw that 16-25 EU members got a discount, which I knew about as I'd learnt about it in French at school. However it was actually free!! Graduit! Can you believe it! Bargain! My cuz is actually 30 but thought she'd see if she could blag it and say she was 25 and it worked! I love it when you get stuff for free, seems so much better. So we trudged up the many stairs. 

The view was totally worth it. It had a ridiculous 13 exits or something! && I took pictures of like every one so won't bore you with them all and will just show you the Champs-Élysées.

oh && the Eiffel Tower of Course

me & my mum

Oh and as I mentioned before there was something going on in Paris, maybe some sort of memorial day (the Arc de Triomphe is a memorial after all) and there were some soldiers or something up there

As we were about to make our way down I had to snag a picture and patiently people waited behind me. 

This made me get stuck behind my mother who walked down very slowly. I commented on it and she kept going "I will go at my own pace", "But mum you're holding everyone up" "I don't care I'm walking at my own pace" and my cousin kept trying to take pictures of us and I didn't know why. Until we got downstairs and came out. The whole army people were behind us. How embarrassing! Funny though. Very polite that they just marched behind us, not over taking or anything and waiting for me to take photos. There was about 20 of them though lol!

Next stop was  a walk down the Champs-Élysées then down and around to the boat.

Long shot of Concorde

I took over 200 pictures, snappy happy much? so can't possibly show you everything apologies, they are all on facebook though those of you who have me
I mainly took photos of buildings
The architecture in Paris really is beautiful
so lets jump to the bridge where newly weds were getting their photos taken!

Boat Times!
Tried to get my face and the water and the Eiffel tower. Fail.


Day 2!

Off to Eiffel tower in the morning after breakfast of a croissant and nutella. Yum!
Managed to get us there via scenic route so we went to the gardens behind it. Was really nice and we sat down on a bench and popped another bottle of Champagne. We have style :) Nothing like champagne in full view of the Eiffel Tower now is there?

Then a walk to the Trocadéro to take more photos

Then du Louvre 

The building is more amazing than the art
Have to say wasn't that impressed
All the art jus' seems to be chucked together with not much thought to it

Spoiler Alert! Mona Lisa below!!

Then off to some shopping near the Sacre coeur where I bought some choccy, nutella and grendadine!

Oh and I also bought a J'adore Paris top like this in black

&& finally got a French poster for my room :)

A good and verrrryyy knackering trip I slept nearly all the way home on the train. Can't wait to go back again. 

Sorry this post is not to the best of my ability but it was about 3 weeks ago, its taken ages to load all these pics and its quarter past 1 in the morning and I'm rather tired and I am going to go to bed.

Bon nuit

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  1. These pictures are beautiful
    It looks absolutely phenomenal
    I'm glad you had such a good time
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