22 Jun 2011

I've got off my arse and done something that matters

Hello New Followers!

You have inspired me to actually get on the blogging trail again. Thing is I've been pretty busy and haven't had the time. So lemme give you a run down of the events of the last two weeks.

Friday 10th June I moved out of my halls in Brighton. It wasn't that weird to be honest. I was actually quite happy to leave. I had a small box room and from time to time got a case of cabin fever, there's also all the noise from my noisy neighbours above and below with the little buggers in the nursery. Its quite nice to be home again. The only thing I guess I'll miss this summer is the beach though Brighton gets jam packed with tourists so I'm glad I'll be away for that. The other thing I'll miss will probably be my freedom. However I have quite a lot of freedom at home, my parents are not protective or restrictive at all but it is nice to be on your own but nicer to be cooked for and cleaned up after.

So after moving out these past two weeks I've been seeing friends, sorting out my things (which is still not sorted yet 'cos I just have SO much stuff its unreal). Last week however I got in contact with a friend of mine at Arsenal who's involved in media. He has his own little production company and I thought I'd see if he needed a hand at all this summer. This would give me something to do as I have about 4ish months off and would be great for the CV. So I came to the office last week, had a little meeting and was offered the position of editor and jumped straight into the deep end with an editing task that afternoon. So every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I will be here (yeah I'm blogging whilst I'm here now lol I'm bored and blogging until hometime) at the Roadworks Media office in Kennington, South London editing my little arse off, using Final Cut Pro I might add which is cool and exciting and actually pretty much the same as Final Cut Express. Only takes me about 35 minutes to get here which is a plus and expenses paid so not losing out (Y)

(Its funny how the pic is Brighton 'cos I live there and its not there its in Kennington)

Typing that out didn't take long to be honest so I should of done it sooner. However when you spend all day on a computer the last thing you want to do is go on one at home in your free time.

But I promise I'll be blogging more :)

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  1. Sounds like some amazing adventures this summer. All the best with the blogging!