6 Jun 2011

I finished uni today!

Sorry I haven't done a Paris post. I'll get onto it. I've just been a bit busy. As the day after Paris, Friday, I was knackered and rested. Saturday had work at the library then went straight to Brighton and then cracked on with revision. Revision all day Sunday. Then exam today and now I'm finished :D

After my exam literally couldn't get this out of my head.

I went into town to buy something for myself as a present. Bought a top for tonight. It's Tessa's birthday (my flatmate) so going out and to also celebrate finishing.

It's so weird to be finished. This year has gone SO fast. It's actually quite scary. Before I know it I'll be graduating and have to get a real job in the real world!! ://

But for now I guess I should just enjoy my summer as you don't get all this time off in the real world so I better make it count. No plans as such, just hope to get some more work, have fun, turn twenty and you never know maybe a last minute get away could be on the cards?

I just wanna say thanks to everyone for sticking with me through this first year. Been a very insightful and interesting year. My best blogging year by far.

In Brighton until Friday, then Landannn!

Be kinda weird to leave this place tbh and just living with my parents again. Sorry I'm rambling, I'll do a proper post about leaving when I move out friday.

Time to celebrate!

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