26 Jun 2011

Day 1 of Maple Syrup Diet

So far so good. I'm not actually hungry would you believe?? Though to be honest it is only day 1. I've gone 3 days without food before so maybe I can last that long??

For those of you who don't know, the Maple Syrup diet was made famous by Beyonce who lost a stone and a half in 10 days for drinking the mixture. It consists of maple syrup (some special expensive kind but I've only bought normal), lemon, cayenne pepper/ginger and water. To be consumed hot or cold, 6- 9 glasses a day. No food.

Today I've only had 4 glasses :/ Woops
I wasn't going to drink coke either but after my 3 hour nap this afternoon I needed something to wake me up and had 2 glasses then and two this evening after my workout.

Its funny how my dad rang me to see how I was and what I was having for dinner and I said nothing and he goes "Oh yeah your doing that diet thing" laughing.

Then when he comes back "So what have you eaten today?"

"I told you, nothing"


Won't go into the ins and outs but he wasn't happy even though I explained it all to him before, he probably wasn't listening. I promised him I'd eat if I got hungry.

On the weight front nothings shifted. I guess my body is storing the fat. Probably lose if I was eating but hey ho lets see how long I can do this for. I'm already bored of the drink, hence only 4 glasses.

Tomorrow I promise to do 6!

Dodge but my hair looks nice and curly and it never looks like this when I go out soo..
its also so long now :/


  1. New to your blog. Isn't that an expensive diet of sorts? lol

  2. Found you on a random next button. I see it has been a few days since you posted. Hope you are fine and not in the hospital. Maple sugar diet... not really a good idea.