14 May 2011

Mernet (Promised Anecdote)

I visited a voluntary corporation called Active Student, which work for the University, back in February to get in some volunteering for something to do and for the CV. I agreed to meet with this company, if they'd have me, called Mernet: Mernet is a not-for-profit, independent, non-aligned and non-partisan regional organisation, specialising in news and information gathering, strategic research and training on environment, human rights, development, social justice and civil liberties in the Mediterranean countries. (from their facebook)

They were looking for people to do some writing for leaflets, vox pops, mediary stuff basically so thought I'd give it a go. Unfortunately couldn't meet till today cos he was busy and then I was busy etc etc.

So today took a little walk to Queens Road in Brighton which is only 15 minutes away from me to meet the head of the organisation. Was quite nerve racking, felt like a job interview. Brighton was heaving and it was hot too which really didn't help.

So I get there nice and early and stood outside to cool off and sort myself out before going in. This however didn't work as the sun was beating down on me and it was really windy so couldn't brush my hair. Fail. So I just went in instead.

I told the woman I was there and she called up the guy, who's name is Umit (I asked my friend and its Turkish) and they sent me up to the 4th floor. I got the lift. Wasn't really sure what to expect but wasn't really what I saw. It was a room with four other people in there working on computers, a small coffee table and some chairs. Met Umit, shook hands and he pointed at the pink chairs and said "They're the comfiest" so I went to sit down. And what did I do. Oh yes you've got it. Sarah O'Brien made a fool of herself once again, something to put in the diary. I stacked it. Embarrassing much? I tried to avoid the subject of me tripping and at first I was actually ok with it until he was massively concerned and then said "Don't Worry, we're insured" lol he was really nice. I was just thinking about what the other people thought but hopefully they were engrossed in what they were doing. Not likely though as they put their headphones in later.

So we moved on and had a nice chat. But I started to heat up. I was so hot, even with my chilling out time outside the place. The room was warm, I'd stacked it, I was probably blushing. All going wrong. He kept offering me food and drink but I pleasantly declined. Chatting lasted about an hour and talked about what I can do/what he'd like me to do. He is himself a journalist and has been for the past 25 years and when I told him I had an interest in it he seemed keen on getting me onto some writing and helping me out. He was also keen on my video skills and looks like I'm going to be the video person. Which is good, I've missed cameras. After this he offered me food again then we went on a little tour of the place. Saw that there was actually lil other charity/non profit organisations there which explains why they had such a small office as they're not the only ones working there. We went half way down the stairs and he pointed out the ladies to me and as I walked back up the stairs, guess what I did. Yep. Stacked it. I really was Lizzie McGuire today. He was so concerned. I blamed it on my shoes saying they were "new". They're not but I think I didn't tie them tight or something 'cos when I was tripping I hit the front of it and obv didn't feel nothing so then fell as my toes weren't there. As we were going round the rest of the building I was really watching my step lol. Especially when we were on the balcony and then the roof looking at the sea. It was a long way down :|.

Went back to the room and he offered me food then said I could stay as long as I could but I couldn't really as got an assignment to do so we parted ways and I said goodbye to everyone working in the room and they all said "Bye Sarah!" and waved lol it was so cute. Umit took me downstairs and wished me a lovely weekend and we parted ways. He's such a nice man, I think it'll be good to work there. Also no one is English, its great. Everyones from a different country. With the people in the room he just pointed to them going "That's Italy, That's Spain, Italy, Greece and that there was France but we're getting someone from over there again soon" Maybe when I'm there and someone visits he'll go "There's England" :) So its really cool that I get to meet loadsa different people with cool accents. I'm quite excited.

I came back to my flat and procrastinated loads but managed to write another 500 words and finish my Synopsis of Chapters section of my Book Proposal. I'm getting there!

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  1. Aww I'm really sorry that you stacked, although it made for a good story; I did giggle
    It sounds really great, they all sound so nice and like it would be a lot of fun for you
    Also, you'd be the est video person!