23 May 2011

Girlie Post

My mascara has been getting pretty sticky so I noticed it was time to buy a new one. Until a year ago I didn't wear make up every day so buying mascara wasn't that much of a big deal. Though to be honest its not that much of a big deal now. You see my eye lashes are tiny. Really they are. You can't curl them with an eyelash curler they're so short. Many men have longer eye lashes than me. It's irritating. So it's not as if mascara makes a lot of difference, hence why I was never bothered about wearing it before, but I have succumbed to the notion of women wearing make up regularly, I don't like it but it's hard to get out of.

With my eyelashes being so short its difficult to find something thats going to make them stand out. The best one I've found is Rimmel Sexy curves because the brush is wavy.

Me with 'Sexy Curves' lool immature 

tried to find best pic where you could actually see my eyelashes for a change

However this time I thought I'd change it up a bit. As I saw the new rimmel mascara advert, I thought I'd go for that one as it was £2 off. Although I was really quite intrigued about the new battery powered mascara but I can't remember where its from. It span both ways and I had a little play on it. I came to the conclusion that it was probably a bit of a gimmick and if it did actually work, it wouldn't work for me. 

So in the end I opted for the new Rimmle Day and Night.

This is my face as my face.

I apologise for my face.

This is 'Lengh' Maybe for the Night as its black?

Any difference?
I thought it made them look longer but not thicker. Which I guess is what it's aiming for? 

Now for 'Volume'

What do we think?

I'll put them back to back


Yeah I can't tell that much either.
Also didn't like it when I tried to do volume over length so have to figure something out :/

Btw I don't edit my pics. My face is that ugly. Also I know I look fucked off in every photo but that is generally my face. If I wasn't smiling people would always be like "You look happy" "What's wrong?" "Why are you angry?" and I'd be perfectly fine. It was't until watching America's Next Top Model when Tyra said to one of the girls "You have a down turned mouth, you have to watch that. It can give you attitude in some pictures but make you look really miserable in others" and I think thats why I have. Like my passport and driving license looks like a proper criminal mug shot. But there you go. 

So Rimmel Day and Night seems ok. 


  1. At the moment I use Rimmel Lash Accelrator, I haven't really noticed anything like my lashes appearing longer without the aid of make-up like it claims (it claims to help them grow, apparently), but I just really love the formula, I have mind ages now and it's not clumped, gone hard or gooey, and although I prefer comb applicators to brush ones, this one really isn't bad. It' great for building length and if you want more volume you can just had more on and it won't go clumpy.
    ...you should of just came to me lol.
    I am yet to try the one you have, but once I find a mascara I like I just tend to stick with it.

  2. Thanks for the tip, I'll go with that one next time. Yeah I tend to stick its just that this one seemed to get gooey fairly quickly. This new one not too bad though just not used to it yet.

  3. Your face is beautiful!
    I really like sexy curves too, but this one looks great, I've seen the advert and now on you and I want to try it out.
    The Mascara I'm using at the moment is Rimmel too, Its called "Volume Flash The Max Bold Curves" and its amazing, lengthens and thickens the lashes, I'd definitely recommend it and I use it every day and it's lasted for ages