17 May 2011


Held in Germany this year. I had a little Eurovision party as I find its the best way to spend Eurovision. We all picked a country to represent and all cheered on the UK as well together. I was Sweden.

Thought they actually had a cool song. Had the same sort of meaning/feeling as the Glee song Loser Like Me saying that I might be nobody now but I'll be somebody some day. The singer, Eric Saade, actually read out the results from Sweden last year, pretty cool huh? This is the song below. It's not done by the actual artist but I thought this video was pretty cool and the guy does it all himself.

Sweden came third in the end which is pretty good. Azerbaijan won but I thought their song was lame. The UK actually came 11th! E-lev-enth!!! On the higher scoring side of the leader board would you believe. Good ol' Blue. I still love them. Jedward did pretty damn good coming 8th as well!
Until next year.


  1. Azerbaijan's song was pretty lame. I liked Moldova, they were craaazy

  2. lol yeah i liked theres too

  3. You look so cute!
    I'm pretty impressed with my Union Jack :)