22 Apr 2011

The Royal Wedding...it's only a week away!

Anyone getting excited yet?
I know there's a lot of haters bout the Royals but I like them so snap! :) (I've been watching the old Ugly Betty's..I got that one from Justin)
I'm quite looking forward to this as its the first Royal Wedding in my life time.
So to get us all in the mood, check out this vid, made me laff

all the people actually look like the real people as well
(apart form Charles tbh)


  1. This is awesome!
    Definitely got me in the mood

  2. So enjoyed the princes' numbers in this..Yes, it will be making history. Can't let that slip by.

  3. mmm, I don't HATE the Royals, it's just the hype, like I don't really care how Kate is going to wear her hair on the day but every news programme seems to want to let me know. And that stupid film they're making?!
    I think we should make a zombie apocalypse version tbh, that would be cool :) :)

  4. lol yeah idc bout the hair ill jus be watching it in my pjs with a cup of tea most likely
    and they're making a film?

  5. yeahh not like a big hollywood film, just one of those made-for-tv ones