6 Apr 2011

Pump it!

Had a little go at the Ministry of sound work out yesterday. Was pretty hard core. The DVD is an hour and a half. I lasted half an hour lol and half of that was the warm up. Its all split up into sections. Next time I do it I think I'll skip section two, which is the dance section. It was all going good till they started doing the cha cha. I can't dance let alone do any sort of latin dancing. At one point she goes something like "Let your arms glide down your body, it looks sexy". Sexy? Sexy? Do you honestly think I'm doing this work out in my pjs to look sexy. I already know that the way I'm doing it looks nothing like the way you're doing it. I know I already look like a twat I don't want to add to this by trying to look sexy. Then after the sexiness thing she goes on to say "Try doing this with a partner, get them into the dance". Are you kidding me? If I had a boyfriend, this would not be the time I'd want him to break up with me. "Babe come and dance with me, the dvd says so" *Walks in and sees the sweaty pj uncoordinated mess* "Oh my God, we're finished". Overall was good though. I'll have to dress for the occasion next time with some sort of legging spandex and leg warmers. Also gonna go for longer, I was jus' taking a look at it and then ended up doing it, I wasn't prepared. I woke up today pretty achy, tum and thighs so it is working. Meant to do it today but got distracted by Ben back from uni and an incident in the park. So tomorrow hardcore shizz as mum will be at work so no one to laugh at me. 


  1. Did you buy it or borrow a copy? If buy...from where? Think i rememeber steph talking about how good it was....Never got round to getting myself one

  2. i downloaded it 'legally'