1 Apr 2011

No one around to talk to..

.. so I'm going to vent. I may not even post this. Let's see how this goes. I jus' need to get it out as I feel shit and have run out of food to comfort eat with.

Its bad enough when you feel like shit and hate a million and one things about yourself. Its fuckin' awful though when your friends affirm this. Not the stupid juvenile stuff like "Oh I'm so fat blah blah I've put on weight" and your friends goes "Well yeah". I don't mean that. I mean the stuff you don't even talk about, to only people your really really close to at a push, like your bestest friend on a confession session. The stuff you never mention and the other person makes a comment and shrugs it off like "HA! You!"Probably don't even realise it or could even be doing it to make themselves feel better. From here though feels like fuckin' shit. I'm listening to hard core gangster rap 'cos emo music jus' doesn't cover it. I need to hear them talk bout their bitches, cars, guns and objectify women. Can't be doing with real life shizz.

Worst thing is they're right.


  1. Is this me?
    I think we need another Selfridge's day, and I don't mean about that topic, but just generally I've never felt closer to anybody than I did sittigg on that little bench with you, while all those people looking weirdly at us and snooped at knickers

  2. no it would never be you :)

  3. :) food always sacrifice...

    smile :)