28 Apr 2011

Maths Problem

So I'm at work and I mean literally, this isn't an anecdote. I just read the Library services weekly newsletter and at the bottom of it is the 'Brainteaser Corner'. It has a maths problem and I tried working it out for about half an hour and I jus' can't do it. There isn't even an answer on the back so I can work backwards and see how you get that answer. I know its been a long time since maths GCSE (which I did get an A in btw so I'm not that bad at maths) so I thought and try and see if I could still do it/improve my maths skills but even my colleague coudln't work it out. Can anyone put me out of my misery and solve it for me please?

Here it is:

Daniel, my son, is exactly one fifith of my age. In 21 years time, I will be exactly twice his age. My wife is exactly seven times older than my daughter, Jessica. In 8 years time, my wife will be three times older than Jessica. How old are Daniel and Jessica now?

If you do manage to work it out could you tell me how you solved it as well please.

Thanks, Good Luck.
Happy Problem Solving


  1. argh..this is giv'n me a headached..maybe they are just 5 & 7..hahaha..I highly doubt that.

  2. Daniel is 7 and Jessica is 4 haha. I just guessed it out 5...6...7... and then figured his wife would be younger then him 3...4...

  3. You realise you could probs google the answer....not just saying this cause i got the vauge set up and didnt know what to do next.... Alevel Math