12 Apr 2011

Funeral For a Friend

Gig was on friday in South Wimbledon. I know right! Wimbledon! Felt funny to be south of the river.
I was rather excited as it was a small venue which means closer proximity to the band and a possibility to meet them. Also hadn't seen them since I was 16! I was meant to see them in 2009 but was properly ill and couldn't make it. Totally gutted like you wouldn't believe.

The support acts were pretty good. Tiger Please were the best ones. This is me with the lead singer.

(We spoke to him for a lil while after, he was cool)

They had a Hot guitarist. Not only was he smokin' but so were his guitar skills. One of those guitarists that make it look totally easy and like he's half asleep.

Unfortunately this band had a bassist that didn't wear pants standing in front of us. We spotted it when they were setting up and then a lot more people clocked when they started playing. 

enlarge and you'll see lol

This guy was also fit. He was in Rise to Remain. Kept leaping onto the speakers in front of us :)

And 'cos he kept leaping in front of us I took a pic. This is Bruce Dickenson's son (lead singer of Iron Maiden)

When he did this, one time a stupid fan girl ran her hand down his stomach to his belly button. I hate fan girls. They were really annoying, totally wasted, trying to make a mosh pit, jus' there to pull and getting on everyones nerves. Eurgh.

Anyhoo next was FFAF :) They were awesome but the crowd weren't. All of a sudden everyone surged forward. It was manic. We were at the front and getting crushed, toppling onto the stage. I've never had this at a gig before. After a couple of songs it was getting so bad and then suddenly, my friend Deanna, got elbowed in the back of the head and went straight to the floor. I was scared. Usually at gigs its a known fact that if anyone falls down everyone helps get them back up again. This was not the usual crowd. I couldn't believe it. I was trying to get Deanna up but couldn't do it alone and jus' started screaming at everyone around me to help her up. It took a couple of times of me shouting "Fucking help her up!!!" for the message to finally get through and once she was up no one would even move to let us leave. I had my hands on her shoulders guiding her forward and the guys that helped her up telling people to move out the way. In the fresh air and a couple of pints of water in Deanna was thankfully fine so we headed back in to the back. After the fiasco Deanna noticed my make up. I really should of taken a picture. It was SOOO Hot in there, I was sweating buckets and I jus' had black allll around my eyes. A quick swipe of water got rid of it though. 

During our time at the front though the bassist looked at me to check I wasn't dying. I really shoulda smiled or done some sort of gesture but couldn't think of what to do, I was jus' trying to breath. This is him. He's hot :) 

Deanna getting crushed

Guitarist walked along the stage giving people high 5s. And jus' as he was about to stop I stretched up Even higher and pleaded with him with the biggest grin on my face and he stepped back to give me a high 5:D Ahhh! Bit of a sweaty one but I don't care. He also gave us his bottle of water as we were seriously dying and we shared it between the two of us. Was gonna keep it but it was getting crushed between the people and it slipped out my hand. Ah well we got his germs and thats what counts. He is also hot. 

the bottle of water :)

This is Matt. He, the other guitarist and drummer are the only remaining original members. Matt is also awesome. And changed so much over the years, from being really emo looking, to well, this. 

Matt on the floor, I literally jus' took this to see where he was lol

Sorry got rather carried away with the pics:) 
When they finished we ran to the beer garden for some air and a chair. They had sofas in the garden. How cool is that? So we rested for a lil while and then this guy came out and I was like "is that the other guitarist? I really need to learn their names" to which Deanna replied "Yeah I think it is" So with seeing him we headed back inside hoping for the chance to see the others. The cute guitarist dashed out the door and we didn't see him again :( As I went to look at the tshirts this guy came over that looked a lot like Matt.

Me: Is that Matt?
Deanna: I thinnnkk soo
Me: He looks really different but I think it's him....Oh my God its him

But we were too late, some girls got there first and started talking to him For-ev-er. It was torture. They were so nonchalant about it as well which was worse. Other band members from other bands started hanging around and wanted to go speak to them but all I had was butterflies and all I really wanted was Matt. It was then that this other guy came along and went "Is that Matt Davies? OMG THAT'S MATT DAVIES" to which I thought GET IN LINE and as soon as there was a break in coversation, plucked up the courage to tap Matt on the shoulder and say "Excuse me Matt but can we have a picture please" to which he replied "Of course" He's sooo nice :D

So I went first and Matt didn't put his arm around me which I was a bit bummed about but he leaned his head to mine!! AHHH! It was sooo cute but the pic didn't take 'cos card got jammed in the gig. I noticed this when I went to take Deanna's pic so I got to have another one with Matt. Little embarrassing sorting out the card but I wasn't going to get another opportunity so this time I put my arm around him and he put his arm around me. No head touching but arms :) I really didn't know what to say to Matt. I was so star struck. I've seen a couple of famous people before but Matt had me giddy, tongue tied and full of butterflies. All I could manage was "You were really good by the way" and he replied with a nice "Thanks" and that was it. I wished I coulda been like those other girls and been all casual and cool but I couldn't. This was Matt!! The lead singer of my favourite band. He's got me through some of the shittiest times of my life, especially through my mid teens when I hated the world. It was like meeting my idol. It was amazing. When we got onto the platform to catch the train I started jumping up and down with glee :D This is the picture:

I look like shit but I realllly don't care :)

If I ever meet Tre Cool I'll probably faint.


  1. looked wicked, being in such a close range and such a small proximity. Shame about what happened to Dianna though, least she was okay. Loads pics, im well jelling, needs to ge me a camera asap

  2. Aww Its awesome meeting your Idols! but also slightly awkward doing the pic thing specially when you have to ask for retakes.
    Also I agree on the hotness of some of these band members! but musicians are instantly hotter then other people. fact. x