26 Apr 2011


I gave up chocolate successfully for lent and managed a full 6 weeks without it. I was kind of excited to have my first bite of chocolate again but at the same time didn't wanna undo all my good work. Surprisingly, I didn't miss chocolate that much and could actually live without it. My first easter egg actually made my teeth hurt 'cos I wasn't used to the high sugar content. So after a week of chocolate eating, I'm giving it up again.

I've tried giving up chocolate before and never really followed it through. The difference with it being lent is that when you don't eat it and people ask why and you say lent they accept that and move on. However if the reason is something about eating healthier or anything else really people always comment on it or try to coerce you into having some. That's why I think it's going to be harder to give it up outside of lent but I'm going to try. Could even say I don't like chocolate 'cos there are some people out there like that. So yeah I'ma try again :)


  1. Ahh Good luck! If we meet up again I'll try not to tempt you, but I know what you mean about not missing chocolate that much. In the summer I don't have much and I can live without but then Christmas comes and it all goes downhill from there.

  2. Just don't over do it..easier said than done. Its so bad when you have friends who make homemade wine..as in my neighborhood.

  3. Aww well done
    I wish you the best of luck, I think at certain times of the month you should be allowed chocolate though, because nothing cuts it like chocolate