15 Mar 2011

They're finally here

Double Stuffed Oreos!

I've only been waiting for them to arrive in the UK for about 8 friggin' years! I was so excited when I saw Kelsey's tweet on them but gutted I don't live near an Asda. Lucky for me Rebecca does her shopping there and managed to pick some up for me :D
I'm over the moon and will never eat normal Oreos again.
Double Stuffed!

I broked it :(


  1. They really are 10x better double stuffed.

  2. ohhhh.....I can't find it in Indonesia....wanna bite it...looks yummy :9

  3. ohh, yuumy :)
    Anyways, fun fact? You're the only other person I found on here that likes Toby Turner, and that is definitely worth a follow :D anyways I wanted to ask you how you made your blog so awesome, because I can't seem to make mine look good. Help, please?