20 Mar 2011

There was a boy. He was crying. He was sitting on the floor, his legs drawn up close to him, spotlighted by the lamp post in the dark alley. The young woman approached him cautiously. She thought she would try and help as the boy seemed much too young to be this distressed. As she grew closer to him she saw a flash of something under his leg. He was clutching a knife, the tip of it drenched in blood. Her senses were heightened. The sound of the pouring rain now sounding like falling rocks, the smell of the damp dirty ground overwhelming . The woman took a sharp in take of breath. It was then that he spotted her. His tears refrained and he stared at her, his eyes filled with pain.
"Help me" he whispered softly. The woman didn't know what to do. The logical side of her said to run but it was hard to believe this infant could cause harm.
"What's your name?" she asked just as softly.
"I'm Julie. What happened Brian?"
"I killed him." Brain whispered and then broke down into tears again.
She should have run.


  1. Well, this is a nice way to start the day :|

  2. Thank you for your last comment! I really love turquoise tones :)

    Yummy looking brownies!