17 Mar 2011

Save the Environment!

I am an avid campaigner on saving the planet, going green, whatever you wanna call it. I was thinking the other day about protests and thought there's nothing that I strongly believe in that I would go on a protest about. Then it came to me. Saving the planet, giving my children a future on dry land makes me passionate and I would indeed go on a protest about something to do with the environment. Which is why I went to a student swtichoff talk the other day. Someone from the organisation came to talk to a few of us who signed up about how to save energy living in halls as students living in halls waste a lot of energy. To be honest I mainly went to get a free t-shirt and in fact I got two. I put one in my bag and said they didn't have my size and could I order one so I did and I picked it up monday.

Please turn off your lights when you don't need them on. Please place lids on your pots on your stove. Please put a jumper on before you put the heating on. You may think "Oh I'm not going to make any difference being the only one that does it" but you are! 

42% of UK carbon emissions are from direct action taken by individuals!

So take a shower, not a bath :)

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  1. I want one of those!
    That's so cool, check you out saving the world