7 Mar 2011

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Was the band I saw yesterday at Concorde 2 in Brighton. I went with my fellow 'Heather' and future housemate Leah. The venue was pretty good though completely out the way. Although it would be really wouldn't it seeing as its really the only Alternative place in Brighton. We were discussing how there were no emos in Brighton at all and if you see one you kinda jus' stare at it not knowing what to do. We found them all though, they were at Concorde 2. Have to say the only place I'd seen a handful of good looking guys in Brighton. Gonna have to go back there.

I hadn't really listened to the band before so before the concert was cramming in their albums. Found out an hour before the names of the three supporting acts but it was too late to cram and you never really know who they are anyway. In order of appearance it went Versus, LYU, Yashin, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Not very many turned up. Pretty small venue but it was not packed atall. I like that though as it's a more intimate gig. We missed the first act but the other bands were all pretty good, though some of Yashin's songs a bit too heavy for me. They got the crowd going mental though. It was proper rough:| && the lead screamer jumped in the pit for the last song. Manic. Biggest mosh I've ever seen. After they all performed they all headed to the bar in the other room, really relaxed, so you could go see them and talk to them, have pictures taken with them. Leah and I got a picture with the lead singer of Yashin, the only American out of the Scots, but she hasn't got her cable for her phone so I can't show you but I looked bad anyway. This is him:

RJA were really good. The lead singer was funny and clearly high as pie. The drummer mentioned he had a crumpet to which the lead singer, Ronnie, replied "What the fuck is a crumpet?" and then we all had a full five minute conversation about crumpets lol. He mentioned at the end he would be hanging out in the bar so we waited afterwards but he never showed and they chucked us out :(

Overall a good night with a freezing walk back to mine, a cab ride back to Leah's, finishing on me falling asleep during Iron Man 2.

I really really really wanna go and see FFAF there, especially as its so intimate and the bands jus' chilled in the bar but it's in the holidays :(

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  1. ohh, I always love their (Red Jumpsuit) song - Your Guardian Angel....

    mind to visit mine n follow?

    thank you before :)