28 Mar 2011

Quesadilla Attempt

In my previous post I mentioned some cool cooking recipes I wanted to try out. This one didn't go too well but practise makes perfect.

I attempted Quesadilla, recipe in post below. Mine included Jamaican Jerk Chicken (as I couldn't find my Cajun seasoning and think its been nicked), peppers, kidney beans and cheese to jell it all together with some nandos sauce on the side for dipping.

In to the pan it went and immediately started to fail. As you can see, I filled it up too much and it started to fall out as I tried to flip it :/ && the pan isn't really big enough. 

However half of it did turn out ok in the end and was rather enjoyable. Saw a thing on the net saying to do one and fold it in half. I'll do this next time as it'll fit perfectly in my pan. 

I also had a whack at the apple crumble flap jack. This is a bit of a cheat as I make flap jacks till the cows come home sometimes and was jus' an excuse to attempt a desert. Made it for one. Well a rather big portion for one.

Here is the recipe from youtube

and here is mine

was pretty yummy but tbh I kinda jus' like Apple Crumble as Apple Crumble and Flapjacks as Flapjacks


  1. yumm it looks delicious! I'm a huge fan of apple baked goods haha

  2. LOL The greatest line "I make flap jacks till the cows come home" made me laugh, but so do i so im kinda laughing at myself too :/


  3. Oooh
    These both look so so yum
    Make me some?