7 Mar 2011

New additions

to the room again. This time Arsenal stuff. Surprisingly didn't have any in here before. So I've put up these lil' boxing gloves which I got for Christmas and forgot about.

Also put up these flags. They were put on every seat at the Barcelona match. Everyone thought it might be a bad omen as the last time we had flags out we lost :/ This time however they proved successful. I really wanted to get a flag and being a steward it wasn't totally out of the question 'cos a lot of people would've jus' left them behind. However. As everyone was walking out I noticed they had 2-5 flags! So greedy! My hopes of getting a flag were shattered. Or so you would think. When I came home this weekend I noticed two flags wrapped up tightly waiting for me :) My mums friend, also a steward had nicked a couple and I got one in each colour :D

I'm really surprised they've stayed put on my wall! I'm quite the craftswoman

Not only are these flags awesome and show my love for the club but they also remind me every time I see them, of the day we beat Barcelona. Football fans, let alone Arsenal fans, will know how significant this was. Not only that but its the best atmosphere I've seen at the Emirates, something we've been craving since we left Highbury. Everyone was so united. I can't describe it really but it was just electric. I hope there will be many more games like that.

Also here's a lil pic of London skyline when I was placed up in the God's a few weeks ago. 

sorry for rubbish quality

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  1. Amazing pictures
    Glad you got some gooner in your room!