20 Mar 2011

'Cos I like to write at stupid hours of the day

Here is my Saturday

Stayed up till half 2 'cos I felt like it and I'm currently reading The Lovely Bones and it is rather good and captivating. Sorry for all the ands. This led me to have 5 hours sleep as I had to be up for half 7 to be at uni for the open day. I know you may think I'm being ultra helpful helping out and that, which isn't unlike me as I did do it at school && sixth form, but no I helped out 'cos I got paid to do so. I also get a t-shirt. Ya know how I like my free clothes :)

Also bagged two free bottles of orange juice and biscuits as all the prospective students are too shy to eat/drink the stuff we offer :)

With finishing at 12 I still had the whole day ahead of me. It was rather warm in Brighton so thought a trip to the beach would be nice. Turned out it was chillier at the beach but that's always the way. Did have some ice cream though :) Here are some pics. 

It was Majorly busy today and it was full of only Brighton people. Can't imagine what it's going to be like in the summer :/

This evening chilled out in front of the telly (mac) and spotted the moon thing thats going on. Too late for me to recall what it actually is/be bothered to check. But it is very bright. Here are some pics from my bedroom. 

And that's my Saturday. On 5 hours sleep I drooped at 6pm to the point where it was physically painful to keep my eyes open but I managed to power through. Peeking again now. It's weird how bodies work. However I'm going to be sensible and jus' go to bed, but not before reading a chapter or two of The Lovely Bones.  


  1. You're welcome :D Lol I've always wanted to go to England. I'm sick of the U.S.

    Have you seen the movie for Lovely Bones? It's confusing.. and sad D:

  2. Lol I bet I'd love England because I hate the sun, and I live in California ..I fail XD

    Hmmm yes I probably would miss them.. When I'm old enough, I'm planning to move in with my friends, although we'd drive each other insane. I mean, we already do now lol

  3. Sounds tiring but perfect
    The beach looks so so lovely

  4. Great blog! I love living by the seaside Brighton looks awesome! I've been almost turning myself nocturnal lately with having to write essays for final year at uni and then there's the love interest who I talk to for hours each night...
    I'm now following, would be great if you could peruse my wee blog and follow back :)