29 Mar 2011

As I have some weird need to express my Englishness..

...Raji from Flights of Fancy and I went to Porters in Covent Garden. I've wanted to go to this restaurant for a while as I've heard lots about their pies and always pass it whenever I'm wondering around there. So we strolled over there passing the massive que for the Apple shop as our little date coincided with the launch of the iPad 2.

We both got pies. Mine was a weird one but thought I'd try something different. I got Steak and Cheddar.

kinda looks like a burger doesn't it

Raji got a classic lamb and mint one

I did feel bad taking pictures of the food in such a nice place but it had to be done for you guys :)
Where would you or I be without me documenting my life?

Then desert

We both had Eton Mess

A little bit disappointed tbh. I thought it was supposed to have strawberries? I prefer my mums. 

As we left with our tummies full we passed the Apple Shop on our way to the station. I have to say I was pretty curious to see what all the fuss was about and noticed that other doors to the shop were open and people were jus' walking in freely. So, feeling daring, Raji and I grabbed the chance to beat the que and check out the iPad 2. I have to say I honestly thought the que was for something else, like, jus' being handed an iPad as I didn't understand how we were jus' in the shop like everyone else. Oh well. After not waiting too long for an iPad to be free, we had a little play around with it. And when I say play around, I mean taking pictures. We originally tried to turn it round whilst still connected to the table thing. Then the man came over and showed us one of it's new features which is a camera on the front as well as the back. Here is the man. 

Here is us mucking around :)

We set one of these as the wallpaper background. Hehe. Also went on my twitter telling everyone I was on the iPad. 

After lasting about half hour, we felt a bit bad taking it all for ourselves and for the man who clearly jus' wanted to tell us specs of the iPad 2 and all we wanted to do was muck around. So we dashed off before the man could see our faces on it and before the woman who quickly jumped on it after us did.

Wish we had taken a picture of us on it. Not the first time I've done it in a shop. 

This is 3 years ago in Selfridges with, at the time, the new iMac. 

Overall a really good day. Thank you Raji for coming along with me :) 


  1. Those pies look scrummy!! Been really craving a good ol' Enlgish pie lately, God knows why :/



  2. Best date ever
    Thanks for taking me <3