20 Feb 2011

Sprucing schmucing

So since September my "dorm room" hasn't changed much, especially since I took my 30 seconds to mars poster home and moved ye ol' RPattz off the bedroom door for them. So to add some panaz to the walls I took some more leaflets from the Student Union and placed them on the pin board.

(Dodge quality. Proper camera at home)

There was also a poster sale at uni. They had one in September and it was the same sorta thing this time but cheaper. I got...

Struggled to decide between this and the cupcake version but I thought this was more English (Y)

I really struggled with which Marvel one to get as well but settled for this one as I thought I could write
all around the edge :)
Which I will do, jus' gotta get the right pen. 

Wish I'd bought more posters now. I'll find some more though. We can't have too much at once now can we. Says me who usually has no self control. Which will lead me onto my next blog post as I've done a fair bit of shopping this week hehe. 


  1. i was gonna get the cupcake one too :) but i didnt lol

  2. These posters are soo cool, writing that on the batman one is such an awesome idea!
    I want a cupcake one :(