18 Feb 2011

My ecstasy from monday has now come back

all of a sudden
I'm jammin' at my comp listening to JLS  Eyes Wide Shut
It's such a tune :D

It's amazing how tonality can have such an effect on you. Seriously all it is, is a bunch of chords in a particular pattern and rhythm. And sometimes even the lyrics are a pile of peanuts and other times they work really well which I think makes the song better. However sometimes I wish some music had no lyrics, the actual music is that strong. It's jus' amazing and you jus' feel and for a second nothing else really matters. I love music. I miss playing it. Especially the drums. The bass pumping through you. Being the backbone of the piece knowing it's nothing without you. Also that you can't fuck up or change tempo 'cos it's all one you.
 I friggin' love music. 

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