28 Feb 2011

MCR New Album

So this is My Chemical Romance's long awaited new album. I wasn't expecting much but I have to say it's pretty good. Totally different sound from the Black Parade, which truth be told, I thought was pretty poor compared to their old stuff and I only like 4 songs on the album. I really enjoyed listening to this though. Some of the songs had a bit of a 30 seconds to mars feel to me. Wouldn't really call this album of the emo genre, nor was the last one really. All emo bands kinda grow up to produce something less deathly and more alternative. Overall, this is good. Particular favourites are Sing and Planetary (GO!)-love the bridge.


  1. i liked somee of the songs on this album (the kids of yesterday, the only hope for me, sing aaand can't remember the others :s)

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