15 Feb 2011

Little moan

After my exceptional mood yesterday I'm on a come down. To be expected. I am really tired. I'm jus' in an irritable mood and people that can talk in class are irritating. It's not my fault I'm shy. Plus, what I'm thinking isn't as clever as what the others say anyway. I don't know how they do it. Like, how are you that confident to jus' randomly speak continuously? They possess certain qualities obviously. I find it much easier when I like the teacher and I feel more relaxed. Like last semester my lecturer was this really awesome guy that gave you proper encouragement and I didn't feel completely stupid if I got something wrong. Grrr. I know I shoulda realised this is what uni would be all about but eurgh I don't like it. And also, I know this isn't the whole point of uni at all, but a lot of the time I look at the questions they're asking us and I'm jus' like, why? Even the academics that post the stuff we're reading. Seriously why do we need to go in depth about mundane stuff. Can't it jus' be. The French are good at simplifying things. Or rather the way they put it across sounds better. Juste ĂȘtre. I'm rambling now and being flippant.

I guess you jus' have on and off days with uni. I'm jus' having more off atm.

&& I look like a 12 year old boy today. Yayz. I should try to make myself look older in clothes at least considering i like 14 in my face, but I don't :/


  1. You make a very beautiful girlie looking 12 year old boy
    Uni sucks.
    The world sucks right now
    I'm having a shitty day too, I love you for this

  2. Cheer up mon petite. Think of a film in times of shyness :)

  3. Learn To Play Guitar!