4 Feb 2011


is a weird place. Being there I didn't feel like I was in Spain or that I was near Africa. I kinda felt like I was on a lonesome island. Was still nice though. Especially in January when England is jus' freezing.
Getting on the plane at Stansted at 7 in the morning was bloody cold!!


got some cool dawn pics though

Got a teeny bit of a tan but not much. More than anything I got more freckles. Damn Irish genes.
But it wasn't like hot hot. Tbh it was realllly windy and that kept it pretty chilly at times.

Anyhoo did a few activities. Swimming obv.

 Go Karting though which was fun and also dangerous. Had a crash and left with this massive bruise.


which progressed to this.
Milking it eh :)

bloody hurt
still hurts

Went on a boat even though I don't like them. Saw a dolphin (Y)

Got some pretty cool scenery pics. Too many to put them all on here. 

the beach

view from the villa

and that was it really :)

here are some pics from the plane on the way home. The mountains I missed on the way out. 
Oh and this random black line going across the sky. 
Kinda freaked me out how we were at 38, 000 ft and I had no idea what it was. Tried to get a picture of it but it didn't come out very well.

can u see it?? Right in the middle.


  1. Freckles are cute!!
    and the sky pics look amazing!

  2. Man i love a good aeroplane ride. Lucky, it looked awesome though

  3. Oh woww
    How beautiful!
    It looks so much fun... all except for the bruise
    The freckles are so so cute
    Hope you had a good time