24 Feb 2011

IOU Comedy

Went to IOU comedy at a club called Jam in Brighton with Natalie from Because Notebooks are so 90s. I've been there before for a night out and it was kinda weird to see the basement with tables and chairs with little candles. Guy in 3rd year doing my course, Media Studies, co runs it and is a stand up himself. 7 acts plus a compare. Simon Evans as the headliner. All for £3! It was really really good. Not all of the comedians were funny but most not bad and Sean Walsh and Simon Evans at the end were the best. After the show I got some chips (as its national chip week obv) and then walked back in the freezing cold. When I came in I noticed my little sniffles had turned in to a blocked up nose and full blown cold. Not a happy bunny. That is until I tweeted to Mr Simon Evans about the show and he replied! That's never happened to me before. Celebrities never respond to me. That made me evening :D

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