11 Feb 2011

Ima tell you about..

..Wednesday. I had no uni so you'd think I could have a nice little lie in. Wrong. My room backs onto a nursery and the little kiddies have play time every friggin' half hour it seems. So at God knows what time I hear them outside for I'm sure 10 minutes straight roaring. There's this one kid that always does it and I wanna wring his little neck. But today it seemed everyone joined in to decide who could roar the loudest, longest and the most annoying. I managed to drift back off eventually when they'd come inside but woke up when they were out again. I thought I might as well get an early start on the day. So I made porridge, caught up with the news on The Wright Stuff then onto My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and then it was time to get ready.

Physio appointment number two in Brighton. Last time I got lost as I got the wrong bus and it was foggy. As a result I decided to stretch me ol' legs and trust my own instinct to find it. Google maps said it took 19 mins to walk. And this is uphill. So I left early leaving me 35 mins to get there so I could stroll up there.

I nearly died. It was so steep. I was proper sweating and everything. Managed to get there in 15 mins. When I got to the top of the hill I stood outside the hospital, took my coat off and had a breather. Well at least I had a good work out. That's the equivalent of a good 15 mins on the treadmill with incline and layers.

I strolled into the hospital hoping for a lil read before we got started as I was early. Only read about two pages though, Ed, my physio, got straight to it. I had to sit by the radiator whilst he looked at my ankle and apologised for the heat. I explained I'd walked up the hill and was already baking to which he replied "You walked up the hill? Even I don't walk up the hill", if a young fit physio guy like that can't walk up the hill then I should feel mighty proud but I just felt stupid really. Next time Ima get the bus up and then walk down. And also, who woulda guessed the next thing we did was have a lil walk, then jog! (well I tried to jog but the ankle gave in) on the treadmill. I thought I was making a right fool of myself, all hot and bothered and I'd only been in there five minutes.

After Physio he told me my next appointment is with a woman named Sophie as he's finished his placement (he's a student too) and I gave a really shocked "Ohh" which I instantly regretted. I dunno why I did it. I think mainly it's because I thought he'd be the one to nurse me back to ankle perfection and thought it was weird to be chop and changing. This may sound weird but I think you have memorable relationships with your Physio. Like when I first did my ankle in I couldn't walk or put any weight on my foot at all and was in a lot of pain. My physio Gary at King George's nursed me back to health, got me walking again, got full movement back and took the pain away and brought back my confidence. You don't realise how scary it is to go down the stairs if you couldn't walk previously. I'll always remember him for that. At the time if he'd of said "Oh I can't do it anymore you've got her" I would've been like "Huh? What? I want you!" 'cos you kinda put your trust in them. My second reason to the "Ohh" was because I was having a female physio. I'm going to sound really sexist now and I'm all for female equality and feminists of course but it felt kinda weird. I think it really is 'cos I'm only used to male physios. I feel really sexist but it would of been the same if I'd only had women physios and it suddenly changed to a man.


It was much quicker walking down the hill. I came back and chilled for a while then went off to eat at Wagamamas and see Black Swan with Rebecca. We've decided to make this a monthly thing, as a pattern was already occurring, where we can catch up etc. Black Swan was really really really weird. The last 10 mins I was jus' like "Huh?" but it was still good, quite fascinating.

This little trip was a walk into town and back. Then I was convinced to go out out and meet Becca's friends. Wasn't much convincing as I did fancy a night out and thought I'd see what my friend Natalie was doing as she'd been saying the same thing. So after getting ready that was another walk into town. We ended up in Oceana, a place I'm not that keen on, but in the Cheesy music room it wasn't too bad. However my feet ached and after a while got tired of dancing. I think it's 'cos it wasn't alcohol fuelled as that would numb the pain. I was even wearing flats.

Walked home and literally crashed into bed as my feet were aching so bad and my eyes so tired but not before I wrote a message for the little kiddies on my white board for the morning. I desperately tried to read my book as I really love it but jus' couldn't do it. I closed my eyes for a second and almost fell asleep. So it actually is possible to fall asleep with a book in your hand, you don't jus' see it on TV. So after this I gave in and went to sleep rapidly.

&& That was my Wednesday and a little bit of Thursday. I think I might have to tell you all the story of how I hurt my ankle as I didn't have a blog then. You'll have to stay tuned.

(I didn't hear them today but don't think they went outside as it was raining all day)


  1. Oh my
    Sounds like quite an eventful day
    I hope your ankle gets better soon, and I totally get the physio thing
    That's just abandonment

    Don't go walking up any more hills!

  2. I wanna wring his little neck < Best line
    Enjoyed reading, felt like i was transported to Btown...Not long now. What happened to your ankle? You should have told teh guy not to leave you. I love my current Dr.