10 Feb 2011

Holiday Jewellery

I always try to buy jewellery on holiday so that when I look at it I always think of where I got it from and the time I spent there. This is also because I have a poor collection of jewellery too. So this is what I bought.

some bangles
I actually have some that I bought in England but they're really loud and these are much prettier

a star fish 'cos I thought it looked cute
and tinker bell as my old tinker bell necklace has had it

this is them on

they came in this cool lava bag aswell

actually the shop was volcano themed with everyone on a black wall
kinda like volcanic rock
as Lanzarote is volcanic and doesn't have it's own water supply
it's all imported

1 comment:

  1. Its so so prettyy!
    Love it, especially the bracelets, because you know bracelets are my thing