25 Feb 2011


So recently (mainly due to a certain lecture this week) I've been thinking about why I blog. The answer to that question is...well I'm not really sure, hopefully by the end of this post we'll find out. What I've really been thinking about is what I post about. Whenever I talk to people about blogging they always say "I wanted to start a blog but then I thought I wouldn't know what to write". Well, as you can see, I don't write/post anything significant. There's no main theme to it at all. There's fashion blogs, film blogs, diary blogs, creative writing blogs etc etc. At one point, just before uni, I tried to theme my blog, make it into more of the 'blogging' stereotype. This didn't really turn out very well, after all, what really is the blogging stereotype? I do wish my blog had some sort of focus though. Whenever I hear of budding media entrepreneurs on TV and in films they also have a blog for a professional purpose. I don't know whether I should turn my blog into something more like that. Although I suppose I could jus' start another one. Though I do think it's hard to run two blogs. You end up posting the same thing on each blog but in a slightly different way.

I guess what my blogging really comes down to is this. Now I'm going to be honest. After all this is my blog.

In life, deep down or subconsciously, we all want to make our mark on the world in some way. Not in a fame way or even a majorly historical way. All we want is for some people, at least one person, to remember us for something. This is going down a really philosophical route, I didn't mean for this. It sounds like I'm talking about death. Forget that.

I want to be known for something now. Yes. That's it. I want a really good career. Something I enjoy. One day I'll be Sarah, the journalist maybe? Now I'm Sarah, the blogger.

I love every one of my followers. To see that you actually have an interest in what I write means so much to me. I'm jus' some 19 year old student from some place in England no ones ever heard of just outside London somewhere. After this you'll probably all delete me as my writing is crap. This has no flow. Mainly a blog is to vent. That's clearly what I'm doing.

So thank you audience let's keep this blogging thing going for years to come. To give you something of meaning I'm going to do a range of posts in the next week. Fashion/Film/Diary/Story/Cooking
You name it I'm going to try :)

Thanks Everyone :)

We're the future apparently

I don't even know what I'm talking about. 


  1. I don't think your blog needs any particular theme or anything, it's a great place for your thoughts, venting, stuff that interests YOU. Loads of people try and blog about things with a theme but then it fails, like a million lookbookers all have fashion blogs but the majority look the same and are boring because they're trying to be something specific.
    and our little blog community (:

  2. I agree, your blog should be you, everybody has a themed blog but your blog is nice because its like your personality and its true to yourself, we follow your interest and your ups and downs and it never gets boring because you don't stick to just one thing, there are such a range of subjects that you breach.
    I love your blog
    Also, agree that our little blog community is da bomb!

  3. Nice read, keep blogging! This remains to be one of the few blogs I stop by for reads.

  4. We all end up doing a post like this at some point and it always ends up in a muddle with some vauge almost solid reason. Epic.