17 Jan 2011

Watched a documentary

today about shark fins. In chinese cuisine there is an expensive dish called shark fin soup. Top price of it can be £90! Really expensive. And according to Gordon Ramsey tastes plain, nothing special and the broth for the soup is the best bit and tastes really nice. 100 million sharks are slaughtered every year for their fins. They are brutally murdered for these in the most disgusting animal cruelty I have ever seen. They don't do anything with the bodies. By law they have to bring them back with them when they fish. But most of the time they cut their fins off alive and dump them back in the ocean to die. Baby sharks. Hammerheads, which are already almost extinct. All sharks. 1991-2000 saw the shark population in Costa Rica drop 60%! This has to be stopped! Let's get the word out about this because I had no idea until tonight so others won't either. If you wanna watch it catch it on 4OD called Gordon Ramsay: Shark Bait.


  1. Poor Bruce's of the world :(

  2. I saw that programme too, horrible. Good on you for putting this on your blog ;o)

  3. Cool blog! Nice photos and videos, very interesting content!